4 December 2008

Satellite TV Online

In the last decade, the battle between cable television and satellite television has only gotten stronger. Now, with the nearly-imminent switch to purely digital tv, perhaps a slight re-examination is in order.
Satellite tv would seem to have the edge, being a digital medium from its base, while cable has had to adapt increasingly. In short, cable is becoming more like satellite. Both offer high-quality digital images, both offer any number of bonuses, such as digital recording devices (think TiVo), different packages from basic to premium, priced to suit various budgets, etc.
Speaking from personal experience, I find that cable and satellite TV have their strong points. But I also know what most of you know: convenience is vital. If you're like me at all, you don't want to have to mess around with a lot of complicated set-ups. Let's take installation for example. The cable company supplies a bulky device that I have to go to the cable company and get and set up myself because I find the company's delivery and labor fees ridiculous. That leaves me to install it myself. That involves considerable work: having to set it up gingerly (because electronics can be fragile; always good to play it safe), knowing which cord plugs into which receiver, and so on. And I have to do it with about six inches of clearance between the television set and the wall. And I consider myself lucky, because I know how to do all of that. There are people out there who don't know the first thing about setting up a home entertainment system.
The satellite companies, DishNetwork being one of them, more often than not, offer free installation. That means that once you make your decision, a qualified technician from the company comes to your home and sets it up for you at no extra cost. The most it will take is an hour, and thanks to modern technology, you really don't have to worry about losing the signal during rainstorms or other nasty weather. Those considerations are a thing of the past. Once the set up is complete, you are good to go.
Getting a program on demand is another consideration. When I order pay-per-view with the cable company, most of the time it's not as simple as advertised. Eight times out of ten, I can't get it because of some reason I know nothing about. I never had that problem with the satellite company. Press, watch, good night.
So with the coming digital revolution, I suggest you get out there and do your research. It works for me, so anyone can do it.
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