16 August 2008

The Future of Online TV

Over the past few months, many of my subscribers, customers and prospects have asked me the same question: " What groups of people will benefit the most by using interactive TV technology?" My answer: There are two known types of interactive TV, video chat and video conferencing. Anyone who would normally make any type of public presentation in front of a group of two or more people in a boardroom, meeting room, or convention center can benefit immediately by using Video Conferencing. Anyone who would normally chat online on a social network would fine Video Chat to be of their liking.
The following examples will help you see the power of interactive TV to help make business sales, audition for a role, interview for a position, and save a fortune on travel expenses. • A salesperson who travels all over the country giving the same presentation over and over could use interactive TV to make that presentation without leaving the office. • A musician, actor, or singer may audition for a role or position within a production company. • A soldier deployed out of the country may find this technology useful when communicating with family and friends back home. • Take one on one lessons from an instructor on the other side of the world without spending a dime on travel expenses.
Video Email gives you a serious advantage with reaching out to your customers, prospects, friends and family. Any company, large or small, that sells virtually any product or service can benefit from adding video emails to its online marketing strategies.
With video emails depending on the platform used, you can attach ad banners with hyperlinks attached to your video email. This will allow your viewers to check out a website, blog, or content online you want to direct them to. You can custom design the ad graphics and easily attach them to your video email.
In fact, any online businessperson who fails to do so risks putting himself at a serious disadvantage.
Podcasting is a valuable tool whether you are trying to generate business or get the word out your music. Podcasting allows you to upload your audio and video recording and allows listeners to download the audio from your website. As an upcoming musician you can easily get the word out about your album all over the world and draw traffic to your website to purchase. What's next? Interacting with other people through your television as oppose to the computer. That's right you soon won't even need a computer.
More information is available along with examples of how people are using the technology.
Renata Ince, Founder
My Global Image LLC
Maryland USA
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