15 August 2008

How to Watch Live Satellite TV On My PC?

Can I watch live satellite TV on my PC? This is probably a question that you have asked before. The answer is yes provided you know how. And today, you will learn how.
I tried many ways like many others to watch live satellite TV on PC. Each has its benefits and setbacks. Sad to say, most methods do not last long or they are too expensive to carry on.
The most obvious is to sign up for a monthly TV package with a satellite or cable TV provider. But the basic packages only come with about 100 over channels. Well, they have beefed up their deals a little by adding more channels but still, you only get to watch a few live satellite TV channels only. The rest are all pre-recorded programs.
Plus, the bill per month is about $20 over. When the football season comes, I have to subscribe for an additional sports TV channel in order to be able to watch live satellite TV on my PC. And everytime I find a channel that I fancy, I also quickly realize that I need to top up my basic package. Another $10 to 20 dollars gone every month!
So together with some friends, we decided to experiment with hardware cards called PCTV cards. The first ones we bought were from eBay for less than $100 per card. From there, we could watch live satellite TV on PC and tune into about 100 over channels. While it is much cheaper than a monthly television subscription, the programs are pretty limited. And it took us a few hours to figure out how to configure the piece of equipment.
We know that those higher-end cards sold in the electronic shops can fetch more channels. For the most powerful ones, they can get you more than 400 to 500 programs from different states and countries. And some even come with radio stations. But the price tags are rather out of reach for the average family. Each can cost $300 upwards.
Then, we dig a bit of research and poking around before we found a new way to watch live satellite TV on PC. The answer lies in a software called PC satellite TV software. And we love the price. For less than $49.99, we get instant access to more than 3000 over TV stations with a great number of live sports channels like ESPN News, Sport Star and GameSports TV. So we pay once and never have to foot another bill again!
We quickly realized that it is legitimate to watch live satellite TV on PC using the software because they are all streamed from Free to Air stations. Take a look at how it works through the link below and share this with your friends.
Davion is a self-proclaimed TV fanatic. Grab the software needed to watch satellite TV on PC, tuning into hundreds of LIVE world channels of sports, news, movies, music and kids program. Also read his popular article on how to watch satellite TV online for free.
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